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2011-07-05 15:32:53 by 5winered

Ok so today i went to this website called It says that in 8 day and 9 hours the whole internet will be wiped out in or for ten days. I don't think its true because how can the whole internet get wiped out just by somebody telling loads of people from a advertisment


2011-06-13 16:44:57 by 5winered

I inform you to leave my page NOW otherwise Pico will try to kill you any second now.
We have heard pico caught a flu but instead he got herpes and died somehow
So now the tragis news is gone
Listen to chariots of fire to calm you down
May seem as a misunderstanding but no

I dont like Osama bin laden

2011-05-24 14:12:21 by 5winered

Now that osama bin laden is dead there wont be anybody dying because of him. Also its good he didnt do another plot otherwise loads of other people would have died

I dont like Osama bin laden